With the long history of Peanuts Daily, many redundant questions were coming back to us. This is why we created this page to respond to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Just click on the questions you are interested below to discover the answer.


There are 4 groups of questions, first Peanuts Daily related FAQs and then existential, religions and everyday FAQs. If there is some question we did not answer here, you can always ask us via the contact form.

Peanuts Daily Related:

Why the name Peanuts Daily?
What is Peanuts Daily?
Are all the articles exclusive
Who are your sources?
Who are the writers/authors of articles?
Are articles genuine/true?
Can I send article ideas to Peanuts Daily?
Can I quote a Peanuts Daily’s article on my website?
Are you interested by a mind-blowing idea to improve Peanuts Daily?
I am interested to work at Peanuts Daily. Is there any job offer?
Do you have any presence in social media?
Do you have a Peanuts Daily mobile app?
Is Peanuts Daily totally independent?
May I have the contact details of your website's designer?
Can you remove a picture/photo/image you are using on Peanuts Daily?
I also have a satirical website. How can I promote it on Peanuts Daily?
How can I advertise my company, brand, product, website...on Peanuts Daily?
Are comments written by Peanuts Daily?


Are we alone in the Universe?
Are there parallel universes?
What is the meaning of life?
At what point in our evolution did we develop consciousness?
What happened before the Big Bang?
How did it all started?
Why was Stonehenge built?
Which came first, the egg or the chicken?
Is Universe infinite?
What is origin of life?
If man evolved from monkeys, how come we still have monkeys?
Can we travel back in time?
Who am I?
What happens after we die?
Where will I go after life?


Which religion is the right one?
Does Jesus exist?
If Jesus Christ has been re-incarnated nowadays, who would he be?
Why the prophet Mohammed cannot be seen or drawn?
If God sneezes, what should you say?
Are Muslim vampires scared of crosses?
If God decides my actions, shouldn’t he be judged for them?
In Libraries, is the Bible classified as fiction or non-fiction?
What is a world without hypothetical question?

Everyday questions:

Are we there yet?
At what time dinner is?
Are you ready?
If lightning strikes an Ocean, do all fishes die?
How would you treat a counseling-addicted person?
Why are numbers on phone and calculators reversed?
Is it appropriate to say “good morning” at a funeral?
Is there a Reading for Dummies book?
Why 24-hour convenience stores have locks on the door?
Do expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?
Why is there no parachute under plane seats?
Why ghosts don’t fall through the floor?
Why milk doesn’t go bad inside the cow?
Is Elvis dead?
Did Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon?
Was 9/11 an American conspiracy?
Do fishes get thirsty?
Why banks put a chain on their pens?
Is the copyright symbol copyrighted?
Why is it called tourist season if I can’t shoot them?
Do you know a synonym of synonym?
How do you call a fly without wings?
What happens if a vehicle going at light speed turns on its lights?
Why doesn’t glue stick inside the tube?
Is there 1 or 2 bachelor party for gay couples?
Are earthquakes on the Moon called moonquakes?
Do I yawn while I am sleeping?
Today is 0 degree, tomorrow twice colder. what will the temperature be?
Is it polite to communicate in sign language with your mouth full?
When you own a land, how deep you own it?
Why do the towel I use after shower gets dirty?
Why are coffins locked?
Where’s Wally/Waldo?
What’s faster than light?
Why a sheep doesn’t shrink when it rains?
How do Spanish call Soy Milk?
To be or not to be?
If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?
If I say I always lie, am I telling the truth?
When you close the fridge's door, does the light stay on?

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