Below you can find a short profile of the different Peanuts Daily’s contributors especially the journalists, investigators and field experts. We thank them and also the anonymous sources who allow us to provide Taiwan with exclusive local, Asian and International News on a daily basis.


Author name: Mr. Chung JackyJacky Chung Peanuts Taiwan



Country of Origin: Taiwan



Expertise: Media, Marketing, Taiwan





Relaxation by EmmaAuthor name: Ms. Carhena Emmanuella


Country of Origin: Argentina


Expertise: South America, Culture (Music, dance…)


Mike resting in paradiseAuthor name: Mr. Litoreagh Michael


Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Expertise: Society (Lifestyle, health, animals…), Traditional sciences, Entertainments



Brittany having a Guiness beer


Author name: Ms. Murphy Brittany


Country of Origin: Ireland


Expertise: Europe, Culture (Modern arts, cinema, video games), Sciences (Technology)


Bruce Lin in suit



Author name: Mr. Lin Bruce


Country of Origin: Taiwan


Expertise: Asia, Economics




Anne Halle at the office



Author name: Ms. Halle Anne


Country of Origin: United-States


Expertise: North America, Politics (Government, conflicts…)





Medhi diving sea


Author name: Mr. Theranney Medhi


Country of Origin: Egypt


Expertise: Middle East, Africa, Conflicts, Travel 


Lara cooking


Author name: Ms. Tatuye Lara


Country of Origin: Malaysia


Expertise: Asia, Food, Social Sciences, Shopping



Elie with his toy



Author name: Mr. Gobtair Elie


Country of Origin: Australia


Expertise: Oceania, Economy (Transport, Money), Unclassifiable






Anna with snake around the neck


Author name: Ms. Conda Annabella


Country of Origin: Angola


Expertise: Real Estate, Employment



Jay in the desertAuthor name: Mr. Daille Jeremie


Country of Origin: France


Expertise: Environmental sciences, Politics


Paula taking a photoAuthor name: Ms. Rohid Paula


Country of Origin: Israel


Expertise: Business, Companies, Conflicts, Digital (Photos, videos)


Jean having a cocktail


Author name: Mr. Toneacq Jean


Country of Origin: Canada


Expertise: Celebrities, Fashion, Entertainments, Partying



Johanna chilling out


Author name: Ms. Chouetty Johanna


Country of Origin: Philippines


Expertise: Travel, Sports, Mystical




Tom with his cats


Author name: Mr. Edgerie Thomas


Country of Origin: Poland


Expertise: Education, Eastern Europe, Animals, Cinema


Laurie aiming the hole at golf


Author name: Ms. Fis Laurina


Country of Origin: Malta


Expertise: Health, Social sciences, Food





Sak walking with his bag



Author name: Mr. Akaka Sak


Country of Origin: Japan


Expertise: Asia, Economy





Ann at the aquarium


Author name: Ms. Chow-Vee Annakei


Country of Origin: South Korea


Expertise: Politics, Travel


Karl having Bratwurst sausageAuthor name: Mr. Hamelsoft Karlos


Country of Origin: Germany


Expertise: Economy, Education, Institutions



Daisy waking up



Author name: Ms. Rable Daisy


Country of Origin: Taiwan


Expertise: Asia, Companies, Government






Laurent Jina after gym


Author name: Mr. Jina Lorenzo


Country of Origin: Italy


Expertise: Europe, Literature



Author name: Ms. Ama HiroshAma in her garden after explosion


Country of Origin: Japan


Expertise: Scams, Nature, Health


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