Peanuts Daily was launched on November 2014. In such a short time, we are proud to say we became the first satirical media (First satire news reported on a daily basis) in Taiwan and probably even in Asia. We designed our website to make it elegant and user-friendly. We have a strong presence in social media in order to be close to our readers and also make our articles easily sharable. Our goal is to make people react, interact, laugh, debate, be moved, shocked…

Once we have more statistics about Peanuts Daily, we will include them below to give you a better idea of the traffic you can reach by advertising with us.


A satire news website is perfect for any brand or company to promote their product or service. Thanks to our stylish website, your ads will be appreciated and efficient.


We propose different kind of advertising. Below we are going to explain you quickly the different ones. The prices are examples and can be negotiated depending on type of promotion, the kind of product, the availability of ad spots and the campaign duration.

Ad spaces:

 Type  Format/Size (In pixels)  PPV/CPM price (Pay-Per-View)
 Header Banner  728 X 90  NTD 180-400 for 1,000 impressions/views
  Side Banner (Top widget)  200X200, 300X250, 336X280…  NTD 120-250 for 1,000 impressions/views
 Side Banner (Middle widget)  200X200, 300X250, 336X280… NTD 80-180 for 1,000 impressions/views
 Side Banner (Bottom widget)  200X200, 300X250, 336X280… NTD 40-120 for 1,000 impressions/views
 Footer Banner  120X90, 120X120, 336X280, 468X90, 468X300, 728X90, 728X300… NTD 40-250 for 1,000 impressions/views


If you desire to promote with another ad format, please let us know.

As said above, the prices are negotiable, we can even change the type of payment. Instead to pay-per-view or pay-per-click we can make a monthly payment for example.

Special Background ad:

We have another type of ad which we call “Background advertising” which can be also called Wallpaper advertising or Skin ad. Your ad would replace our current background and therefore be all around each page of the website. By choosing this type of ad, our readers won’t miss out your message. This type of ad is more expensive. Price: NTD 500-1,000 for 1,000 impressions/views

Dedicated articles (or Sponsored):

Another way to advertise with us is what we call “Dedicated articles”. We create an article about your company, product, service or brand. For this kind of marketing, we prefer to let you know that our writers will stay fully free on what they write which means you won’t be able to influence them. The article will still be in a satirical tone. To illustrate this kind of marketing, we like to quote the movie The Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo Di Caprio’s wife says: “there is no bad publicity” (The goal is to talk about you not the content). Price for such an article is: 20NT/word plus 1NT for 2 views (500NT for 1,000 impressions/views).

If you have any other idea how you would like to promote your company on Peanuts Daily but this is not suggested above, you can send us a message with your proposition and we will evaluate it.

For more information, please contact us via the contact form.

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