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The first idea of Peanuts Daily was born in 1911 after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty. Mr. Hua (花先生), an advisor of Sun Yat-sen (孫中山) wanted to create a totally free media (The first Independent Taiwan Daily Newspaper). A Taiwan newspaper – media able to tell people what is really going on without being controlled or censured by the authorities.Mr. Hua (花先生)

The idea grew through time and in 1924 Peanuts Daily started its first operations. This newspaper was the first one located in Taiwan while CNA (China News Agency) was a mainland China media (Guangzhou). This is where the differences between CNA and Peanuts Daily started.



In 1949, the Chinese media CNA arrived in Taiwan and that corresponded to the slow disappearance of Peanuts Daily. It is impossible to exactly know the year when Peanuts Daily disappeared.



After years without Peanuts Daily, the Taiwanese media quality started to decrease. The Taiwanese media are very criticized for its lack of “real” information. Indeed, today’s news media in Taiwan cover too many unimportant topics (i.e. Reporting more about fried chicken around the corner, beef noodles soups, an Australian donut chain opening, the arrival of Korean ice-creams, a guy yelling at a bus driver, a guy having a bad hair-cut… Reporting more about food in night markets than what’s happening on Taiwan roads, or talking more about Lady Gaga’s concert than Israel, Ukrainian or Iraq issues).  This is mainly due because those newspapers and channels are all influences, controlled, owned or financed by the government who does not let the media tell the people what’s really happening. None of them have any freedom.

Being professionals, we could not stand this lack of information anymore and wanted to take the crap out of them. This resulted to an initiative of journalists, investigators and field specialists from different nationalities (Taiwanese, Malaysians, Japanese, Americans, Canadians, English, Irish, French and Argentineans) willing to provide English-speaking Taiwanese (and later on, articles will be translated in Mandarin Chinese if Peanuts Daily reaches the success Mr. Hua wanted) with exclusive news, reports and documentaries that matter.

The goal is to make a difference in Taiwan news media coverage by writing 100% exclusive news: we want to propose to Asia, today’s news that no one talked about before. Indeed, news reported at Peanuts Daily does not only concern Taiwan but also Asia news today and international news. 

In order to discover more about us and our existence, we invite you to have a look to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. 

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